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BEAMSHOT® 6500-IR Spotlight 

You see them but they don’t see you! 

A Must for night reconnaissance missions 
850nm Infrared Night Vision Laser Spotlight

This infrared spotlight is the ideal enhancement to any Night Vision Device (NVD). This unit emits a more powerful beam than flashlights equipped with red filters. This IR-Spotlight is invisible to the naked eye (do not ever point the light at your eyes, serious damage can occur) but is fully visible with night vision devices.

The light from the IR-Spotlight dramatically increases the performance of any night vision scope, especially generation 1 and other low gain systems. Also an exceptional performer in low ambient light scenes such as, overcast nights, no moon, dense canopy settings, and it is the only way night vision will work in no light situations. Infrared Spotlights are only available to qualified Law Enforcement and Military personnel.


1. 850nm IR-Spot only visible with night vision equipment providing 200 yards nighttime range.
2. Durable Aerospace-grade aluminum housing with hard anodized finish.
3. 1°~15° adjustable divergence angle.
4. Powered by one CR123A battery that provides approximate 5 hours continuous use.
5. Shock resistant and waterproof.


 Available Colors:   Black (type III hard anodized)
 Dimensions (L x ø):   4.17"(L)x1.0"(ø)
 Weight:   3.17 oz.(including batt.)
 Construction:   Aerospace-grade Aluminum
 Battery Life:   13 hrs./ CR123A x1
 Wavelength/Range:   850 nm / 200 yards(with night vision device)
 Operation:   ON/OFF switch 
 Power:   30 mW,Class IIIb
 Divergence Angle:   1°~15° Adjustable

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BEAMSHOT 6500-IR Spotlight



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