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Hi Mike,

i wanted to thank you so much for all that you have done for me about my beamshot. it is so nice that there are still people like you that want to take care of me rather than just the dollar signs . you went above and beyond to get me going again. i had an older beamshot that we had a hard time finding parts . so you sent me a complete new one at no charge. it is such a pleasure to know that there are still people out there that want to go to the limit to make me happy. my friend, you did that and more. i have never asked for anything for free and have always paid my way. you sent me a brand new beamshot and i called to offer to pay you so you would not lose any money on a honest order. you refused to take a dime from me and said that it would be my early x-mas present. it is so nice that you and the people you work with went that far to make an order such a pleasant surprise. i will tell anyone that this is true and will give my name and ph# to tell anyone that they can depend on you for doing your best to please . thanks again

-Mike Purser    November 2020

We used the Beamshot 100 to control the number of molting geese on our 7 acre lake this past summer. The bottom line result is that in 2019, there were 75 geese resident during the molt. This year there were 15. I would recommend the Beamshot 100 as an effective tool in the control of geese.

Mike Murphy was extremely helpful in determining that the Beamshot 100 was the right tool for us to use. His customer service is outstanding and I would give him 5 of 5 stars.

-James Boettcher    November 2020

Dear Mr. Murphy, Thank you for getting me my laser replacement. It was nice of you to be so helpful. You get five stars from me.

-Simon Turac    October 2018

Hi Mike, Just wanted to say thank you for the quick response to my problem with the TD4 tactical flashlight. As I mentioned on the phone, I love that little flashlight! It works so well, I can see all the way across the pasture to the top of the dam on our pond. Now I know for sure what I'm shooting at! I'll keep on recommending Beamshot to all my friends. Thanks.

-Conrad Stoll    March 2017

I live in the northeast and have several weapons but my dealings with ruger fire arms for my guns, and beam shot,quarton inc. for my laser sights, have been impeccable!! I bought my first beamshot 1000U in 1997 and it is incredible!Just bought a new one for my new mark 3 today.BTW I only changed the batteries 3 times since I have owned my first one!! Thanx guys,Mike and the rest, you are great!!Highly recommend you pay the extra for the 1000u or 1001u!! Send me some of those laser glasses too !Thanx again Mike

-Tim Hitt    July 2016


I The replacement 1000S arrived on Saturday and I mounted and zeroed it on Sunday. First I would like to thank you, the other Mike, and the rest of the Beamshot staff for the excellent customer service that I received. I am amazed and thoroughly impressed with how quickly you all responded to my initial inquiry (simply regarding troubleshooting my laser sight) as well as the fact that you offered to replace it at absolutely no cost (not even accepting payment for return shipping). You have provided a sterling example of the concept of "standing behind your product" and in addition to my sincere thanks, I can assure you that you have gained another loyal customer.

-Nate Mahanes    April. 2015



Hello Mike,
I just wanted to let you know I received the part kit today. Thank you Mike you really helped me out, beamshot makes an excellent product and your customer service is topnotch. You definetly have a happy and loyal customer here. If there is any survey, product review or anything else that I could do to help or support beamshot please do not hesitate I would be more than happy to thanks again Mike.
- Tommy Ciraco, Palm Bay, FL JAN. 2014


Brunswick County Sheriffs Office "Special Weapons and Tactics Team"
- Brunswick County, NC


I recently sent in my GB9001 to be repaired. I have had it a couple of years and it broke. To my surprise, I found a box at my door with a BRAND NEW GB9001G in it.

I am a member of several blogs and I will let everyone know how BEAMSHOT stands behind their product. Not only are your products the best in the business, so is your customer service.

Thank you from a very satisfied customer

-John Hubert    Sep. 2013



Thank You Mike Murphy at the Eastern division Beamshot for the excellent customer service in regards to my Green Dot Laser! I was proud of my purchase and even more satisfied that because I was having trouble with my older version as explained by you with it not turning off that you would replace it with the newer version! Excellent customer service like this will have me coming back for more purchases from BeamShot! Excited about the arrival of the new version to arrive from the West Coast division!
Thanks again.

-Robert Perry  May 2013



I am currently serving in the U.S. Army in Iraq. I had bought the Gb2000 Laser from Quarton.com and I love it. I use it every day and it has really helped with our daily patrols threw the country. I use it at night a lot to point to objects and tell/warn people to get off the road before we get to them to avoid having to engage them. Thanks again.

-SSG US ARMY Oct.2008



I just wanted to say thank you for standing behind your product and honoring your warranty. I just got what looks like an upgraded unit as my first 2 PD-3's were having issues. I live in a rural area and had the light mounted on my 20g shotgun. Without a light the gun was pretty much useless for home defense and to be honest I wondered if I was going to get another light from you guys.
I certainly did not expect an upgraded one (TD-4), but it will be put to good use.

I just joined a local gun club and will be telling everyone how good the service/product/warranty is at Beamshot!
Again, thank you!
Derek Shimizu


By the way, those GreenBeam lasers are pretty darn bright. I was impressed when we broke one out to play with it this afternoon.

-MAJ US ARMY Oct.2006

I have the Beams now and they rock. I gave one to my Platoon Leader and we have decided that the army needs these just as much as the 2000 model. For example when you are traveling down the road at 40 miles an hour and you are in your hatch in the stryker. Its much easier to grab the green beam and shine it on the direction you need it with out grabbing your weapon and bouncing all over the place. You need one hand to keep you self steady and once you lift your weapon up to shine at them you lose balance. The green beam on the weapon rocks. I use it on our SKT(small kill team operations) and the intimidation when I raise my weapon and shine it on anyone they immediately turn into a mess. Both green beams are awesome and I'm going to see if my wife who is a police officer could use one of these at work. These green beams sure have helped with less warning shots. At night I haven't had to shoot a single warning shot because of the beam.

-SSG US ARMY Sept.2006

Also the that green beam Gb100 rocked. Here in Mosul they keep us from shooting warning shots because of the rules of engagement change frequently. Let me tell you that beam is the perfect non lethal solution. From 100 to 100 meters we stop cars in their tracks and it prevents us from shooting a warning shot that could ricochet and have potential to hurt a local national. But on the other hand if I could purchase 2 of those green beam 100 laser pointers that would finish off this 18month deployment the right way. This is my 3rd rotation to Iraq and killing the enemy is one thing but non lethal methods of deterrence is a technique that I'm happy you offer the military.

-SSG US ARMY Jul.2006


I would like to thank you for your company's support over the last year. HRT has been very active this year in law enforcement training and overseas security operations. As you are aware HRT secured a private contract with a major contractor in the middle east. We deployed 7 private armed security personal for protection of both personnel and company assets. During the 60 day deployment the TD10 was always on my load bearing vest. To tell you the light preformed favorably is a poor choice of words the, the light out preformed some of the "bigger name" brand lights hands down. The run time was outstanding and the durability was awesome. The TD10 at one point was mounted on a full auto weapon and worked flawlessly after approximately 700 round of full auto fire. Please feel free to use myself and my company as a reference for the TD10, keep up the great work thanks.

Mario Martinez Jr. - CEO
HRT Training Corp Inc

Dear Matt,

Here is a brief report of the TD10 5 watt Led light system. The light was tested on Rock River Arms LAR15's in .223 caliber and 9mm.

The light was mounted and removed on at least 4 different uppers, three uppers used the Quad rail hand guard where the light was mounted on the rail (right side). The final rifle used an under hand guard mounting rail. The first string of testing was done at a weapons training facility on a test an evaluation rifle. The light was mounted and fired with the light off for 300 rounds. Illumination exercises were conducted, light on for an additional 200 rounds.

The second rifle was fired at test range, light off for 400 rounds. The third rifle was a test and evaluation unit for multiple officers. Light was subject to approximately 1100 rounds on and off.

The final rifle was a personal rifle with approximately 1,000 rounds through the rifle with light off. Caliber was 9mm in AR15 configuration, 16" barrel. The light is currently in use on a display rifle.

Total rounds fired with this unit 3,000 +/- 100

It is interesting to note the original batteries are still in use, this demonstrates the low power draw of the LEDS, there light was handled by over 20 individuals and shows no signs of damage, cracking, etc, this is in my opinion a very durable light. The pattern thrown by lens is solid with no visible 'holes" or shadowing.

This review is a reflection of my personal experience.

Robert Stanfield
Owner RB Precision Inc.

Search Warrant, October, 2004 using the Greenbeam Laser and light System
Several months ago we tried to serve a search warrant in a neighborhood that is anti- police and has lookouts positioned so they know when we are coming and from what direction. The only way to get to this house is either to drive or walk in from the woods. It is a very long hike through the woods as well as dangerous. The drug dealers have paths cut through the woods so they can get away when we approach. They also have guns hidden in the woods and have shot at us before if we try and follow them. So as I mentioned, it is just too dangerous for us to try and get to them using the paths. We have small lights on our M4's that are not very bright and they break all the time. So it is not safe enough for us to pursue the suspects into an area that is not lighted. So our trainer, Jody Taylor, started trying to find us some lights that would give us what we need without costing us an arm and a leg.

As Jody was looking into fixing our problem with the lights, he got a call from Matt Goode at Beamshot about a laser/light system complete with mounts, pressure switches, and rechargeable batteries at the cost that sounded very reasonable. Beamshot sent Jody a 100 lumen rechargeable light and a small Greenbeam Laser for him to test. He tested them for about 3 weeks and found them to be just what we needed as well as at a cost we could afford.

We ended up buying 16 Greenbeam Lasers and 16 rechargeable, 100 lumen flashlights with all the mounts, pressure switches, chargers, and batteries for the cost of what one Surefire vertical grip flashlight would have cost us. Not only did we get a great light and laser, but we got a laser that works in the "daytime" and it is awesome.

A couple of weeks ago we went back into this problem neighborhood to serve a search warrant on this drug house. I had put a couple of SWAT guys at the edge of the wood line and the rest serving the warrant, when the suspects saw us coming they started to run as usually, only this time things went a little different, we either blinded them the 100 lumen LED lights or "dotted" them with the Greenbeam laser. It was great! They were freaked out to say the least. Not only did the equipment stop them dead in their tracks, one suspect was so scared that when he saw the Greenbeam laser on his chest, he laid down on his back and gave up.

We really like the lights and the fact that the rechargeable battery last 2 hours, but the Greenbeam Laser is the heat. It is going to be a great psychological weapon as well as a life saving tool. Now if a hostage rescue or school shooting happens, we will have a tool that will work day or night and allow our guys to stay completely behind and protected by our ballistic shields, but still be able to make a shot if necessary.

- Lt. Mickey Smith, Commander, SWAT


Several years ago, when I was Chief of Police at the St. Marys, Ohio Police Department I purchased several Beamshot laser devices. An accessory was an elastic band with a small velcro patch on it that secured the pressure switch that activates the laser. I would be interested in purchasing some replacements as the bands lose their elasticity with time. This band would be for the fore end of an AR-15. If this item is available, please advise me of the cost and shipping. I will need 3-4 of them. I am currently the Academy Commander of Rhodes State College Police Academy in Lima, Ohio. Also, you would be pleased to know that your laser-sights I purchased have been in use for over 12 years now and work as well as the day I installed them.. Thank you...

Rhodes State College Police Academy