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Laser Sighting Procedures

The procedure for sighting in a Beamshot laser is as follows. The Beamshot laser sight incorporates windage and elevation adjustments as well as a lock down screw. When the laser is attached to the mount the mounting screw should be tightened to the point of light contact. The laser can then be rotated in the mount until the dot is as close as possible to the iron sights on the weapon. The final adjustments can be made using the adjusting screws. The screw in between the 2 silver tabs is the lockdown screw. The screw closest to the 12 o'clock or 6 o'clock position will be elevation and the screw to the side will be windage. First back out the lockdown screw to free up the windage and elevation adjustment screws. Next use the windage and elevation screws to make the final adjustments to bring the dot so that it is centered over the front sight as you look down the barrel. When the adjustments are complete tighten the lock down screw to maintain the setting under recoil.

When sighting in the laser, the shooter has to sight in the laser for their practical shooting distance. For example, if the gun is to be used on entry type situations where the distance would be less than 50 yards, the laser should be sighted in at about 25 yards. This will give the shooter an impact point very close to the dot throughout the 1 to 50 yard range. Likewise if the shooting distance were increased from 50 to 100 yards sighting in at 75 yards would allow more accuracy at these distances.

The key thing to remember is that the laser travels in a straight line and the bullet will travel in an arc. This is similar to sighting in with a traditional rifle scope. When sighting in, some shooters sight their gun in so the point of impact is exactly where the crosshairs on the scope are pointing at 100 yards. Other shooters want the point of impact to be right on at 200 yards so the gun is sighted about 2 inches high at 100 yards so that as the bullet starts dropping it will have the correct impact point at 200 yards. The thing to also remember is that lasers do not have the precise ?inch adjustments that a rifle scope has so it is not recommended that the shooter try to adjust the point of impact on the laser between shots of varying distances. That is the reason for the shooter to sight in the laser midway between his most practical shooting distances for accurate target acquisition.