Why BEAMSHOT® is better

Superior design, premium materials and quality craftsmanship make Beamshot the best value available in Laser sighting Systems

BEAMSHOT Critical Design Components


1. Front Cap - Flat glass window lens with anti-reflective coating to ensure better laser output and to protect against dust,powder and smoke. The o-ring sealed lens is waterproof and easy to clean.

2. Laser Module - To integrate optic, laser diode, and driver circuit into a patented solid brass structure for the best shock resistance and heat sink consideration.

2.1 Collimating Lens - Double sided aspherical plastic lens which provides better laser collimating and long distance visibility.

2.2 Laser Diode - 670nm wavelength for standard brightness 650nm wavelength for 5 times brighter (SuperBeamshot) 635nm wavelength for 10 times brighter (UltraBeamshot)

2.3 Driver Circuit - Single chip APC (auto-power-control), controller on board to perfectly stabilize the laser. This will maximize the laser's lifetime and battery hours while minimizing the size.

3. Main Body - Constructed of aircraft aluminum 6061T6 with matte black or silver finish.

4. Silicon Cushion - Designed to protect the laser module from the powerful recoil.

5. Springs and Caps - Strong steel springs for better support and better electrical contact.

6. Battery - Popular CR123A lithium battery provides 20 hours continuous on usage.

7. End Cap - 8.1 Positive contact PCB with reverse pole protection structure. 8.2 Seal ring for water proof.

8. Pressure Switch - Be-Cu spring with gold plating which can withstand more than a million times contact.

9. Removable Elastic Band - Elastic band which allows you to position the pressure switch in any area on the handle of the weapon which is most convenient for you.

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