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Trizm is a multifunction laser system that emits visible and Infrared laser points as well as a focusable Infrared illuminator. The TRIZM IR laser and IR illuminator can be used covertly with night vision equipment. The visible laser (available in Green or Red) is excellent for sighting in on and designating targets when actively engaging. Visible and Infrared aiming point lasers share the same tool-free windage and elevation adjustments while offering precise pin-point weapon aiming and target acquisition. The Infrared illuminator with a focusable function can offer target area illumination under any light condition. The IR illuminator also works with tool-free windage and elevation adjustment to precisely co-align with the laser dot.

Power Switch Selection:
1.OFF: System power off.
2.CONSTANT LO: Low power with constant output.
3.STROBE LO : Low power with strobe output.
4.STROBE HI: High power with strobe output.
5.CONSTANT HI: High power with constant output.

Function Switch selection:
1.VIS POINT: Visible laser point selected.
2.IR POINT: IR laser point selected
3.IR ILLUM : IR illuminator selected
4.IR POINT & ILLUM : IR laser point and IR illuminator selected


Two LED indicators alert the user to laser activations & modes.
One LED indicator warns the laser is on (green light) or low battery (red light).
The other LED indicator advises whether low (green light) or high power (red light) output is selected.


1.Dual Selection Switches provide maximum operational versatility. Easily access multiple functions; Low/High laser power, constant/strobe laser light, Visible Point only, IR Point only, IR Illuminator only and IR Point & IR Illuminator combined.
2.Remote cable pressure pad switch and integrated momentary activation switch.
3.Low /High power LED indicator for an added safety measure.
4.Single windage/elevation adjustment for both visible and IR point laser. Two aiming lasers are co-center adjusted and will always keep on the same sight adjustment up to 1000 yards.
5.System is conveniently powered by a single AA battery.


Output Power (High/Low)
Red Laser Sight: <15 mW /< 5mW (TRIZM-R)
Green Laser Sight : <15mW / <5mW (TRIZM-G)
IR Laser Sight :  <50mW / <1mW
Red Laser Sight: 635nm
Green Laser Sight: 532nm
IR Laser Sight: 830nm
IR Laser Illuminator: 830nm
Range (Night/Day)
Red Laser Sight: High (2000m/30m) Low (500m/10m)
Green Laser Sight: High (2000m/100m) Low (1000m/30m)
IR Laser Sight: High (3000m) ; Low(500m)
IR Illuminator: High (5000m); Low (1000m)
Operating Temperture :
Red Laser Sight : -10°C to 50°C
Green Laser Sight : 10°C to 35°C
IR Laser Sight : -10°C to 50°C
IR Laser Illuminator : -10°C to 50°C
Operating Time:
Power Supply One AA Battery(1.5 Volt) Included
  4 hours
Battery Indicator: Blinking Red LED = Low Battery
Note: Battery life is reduced when using AA Rechargeable or AA Alkaline batteries.
Housing Structure :
Body: Built by Aircraft grade 6061( T-6 ) Aluminum with hard anodized finished.
Note: Beam Generating Patterns can be custom ordered.


The TRIZM IR laser and IR illuminator can be used covertly with night vision equipment. 

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The TRIZM is Amazing!

I bought the TRIZM three months ago and accidentally dropped it on the floor. Didn't break or even dent. Super happy with the build quality, which is to be expected. The beam probably has a reach of miles. Also, the cat loves/hates it! Quick shipping on behalf of Beamshot too, thanks guys.


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TRIZM Red Three-In-One Laser System



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