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X1-G AND X1-IR: Revolutionary Designs built specifically for Professional Law Enforcement, Military and Security personnel

Precision laser engineering =  Alarmingly accurate performance.

The X1 system is available with a X1-G visible green laser beam OR a X1-IR invisible infrared laser beam for covert operations.
Both systems are made to military specifications and are light, compact and rugged. A powerful laser diode was integrated into the unit adhering to very tight tolerances which allows the unit to absorb the recoil from a .50 caliber machine gun without losing its' zero.
A integrated low temperature green laser module performs best between 23°F to 104°F (-5°C to 40°C) The unit with the IR module operates best between -4°F to 122°F (-20°C to 50°C). Even during cold winter nights this cutting edge green laser and IR laser will work flawlessly.
Two (2) MOA windage/elevation adjustment systems will enable the user to adjust the laser dot 1/2 inch per click @ 25 yards. Four distinctive selection modes allow users to set the Laser dot to different settings: constant on, 2 Hz, 4 Hz or 8 Hz pulse. This feature enables you to identify each shooters aiming point during group assault missions. Push on to activate the laser and release off to shut down the unit. Double push switch to activate laser for a constant 5 minutes of operation.
An ambidextrous toggle switch is built for instinctive operation to prevent errors during an emergency situation. A Built-in versatile rail mount, can fit any rifle, long barrel or short barrel hand gun. The units are powered by two AAAA inexpensive batteries that allows 1.5 hours(green beam) and 10 hours(IR Laser) constant on use. It also has a low battery indicator. These unique and revolutionary features have never been available in such a compact  laser sight. It is a must for SWAT, Law enforcement and serious professional gun users!!!
The X1-IR uses a high speed laser diode that converts to a 0.6mW power output. The 0.6mW of power coupled with high end optics enables the X1-IR to be effective up to 600meters with the use of Night Vision equipment. Since it is under the FDA standard of CLASS 1 Laser product, the X1-IR is available for commercial use as well as for LE and Military personnel. The green laser version of the X1 is also available for commercial use. Two great products that will enhance your shooting capabilities and make you a more effective professional!!!!


1.The Infrared Laser will perform best between the following temperature ranges: -4℉ to 122℉ (-20℃ to 50℃).
2.Laser sight is waterproof.
3.2 MOA windage/elevation alignment system, 1/2 inch adjustment per click @ 25 yards.
4.Military grade recoil system can absorb a .50 BMG machine gun's recoil.
5.Four distinctive operation modes: constant, 2Hz, 4Hz and 8Hz for group assault missions.
6.Ambidextrous toggle switch: push on, release off. Quickly double pushing for 5 minutes for constant on. The operational design is built for instinctive operation to prevent errors during at an emergency situation.
7.Built-in versatile rail mount, can fit long barrel, short barrel handgun and any rifle.
8.Powered by two AAAA inexpensive batteries with Led indicator for power on and low battery indication.

Mechanical Characteristics
Weight : 115±20 g (including battery)
Dimensions : 70.3(L)x37.9(W)x32(H)mm
Mount : MIL-STD-1913 rail
Water Resistance : MIL-STD-810G
Laser Wavelength
Infrared Laser Sight :  
 830±30 nm(Green Laser)          
Output Power
Infrared Laser Sight :   
 0.6±0.095mW (Class I )          
Beam Divergence
Infrared Laser Sight :           
 <0.4 mRad, (0.2~0.7 mRad Full angle)  
Sight Range (Night Time)
Infrared Laser Sight : (600m)                                
Boresighting & Alignment
Movement per Click : 2MOA,0.5 inch@25yards            
Movement from center : 60±10 MOA
Total Travel : 120±20 MOA(±2°)
Operating Temperature
Green Laser Sight :    -20°C ~ +50°C (-4°F ~ 122°F)
Operating Time (Hours)
Green Laser Sight : 10 hrs(AAAA Lithium x 2)   

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X1-IR Invisible Laser Sight System



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