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Red Laser Sight

BS1000U is 5X brighter than the BS1000S. It has a 635nm laser diode and 800 yards range. It use one CR123A battery that provides 27 hours continuous use.
Model : BS1000U


Red Laser Sight

Congratulations on buying the Beamshot BS1000U Laser Sighting system. You have selected a most advanced instrument and it is our wish that you are completely satisfied. Please follow the instructions below in mounting and aligning your Beamshot BS1000U Laser Sight.


1. The BS1000U is brighter than the BS1000S. It has a 635nm-laser diode and 800 yards range. It uses 1-CR123A battery that provides 20 hours continuous use.

2. Designed for full size pistols, rifles, shotguns and bow. Fully adjustable for windage and elevation.

3. Battery and M1 Rail Mount included (Valued USD$40)! Affording your superior grip and compatibility. Powered by 1 CR123A Battery – (Replacement batteries are available at any camera shop). Up to 20 hours continuous use (constant on).

4. Dimensions 0.87" X 2.95" long. Weight 2.12 oz. - Incl. battery & mount. Construction Aluminum 6061T6. Wavelength/Range 635nm (625 ~ 645nm)/ 800 yards. Dot Size 1/2" @ 10 Yards, 4" @ 100 Yards. Windage & Elevation adjustment: 3 ft. @ 10 yards, 30 ft. @ 100 yards.

5. Operation: 5" cable pressure activation switch. (Option Accessory: ST1 On/Off Switch.)

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  • Dimensions: 

2.95(L) x 0.87(W) x 0.87(H) inches / 75(L) x 22(W) x 22(H) mm

  • Weight: 

2.12±0.35  oz. / 60±10 g   - including batt.

  • Construction: 

Aerospace - grade Aluminum

  • Operating Time (Hours): 

20 Hrs. / CR123A x1

  • Wavelength/Range: 

635nm / 800 yards (nighttime range)

  • Operation: 

Removable finger - touch pressures switch and 5 inches cable

  • Power Output:

Less than 5mW, Class IIIa

  • Dot Size: 

1/2" at 10 yards, 4" at 100 yards

  • Windage & Elevation adjustment: 

3 ft.@10 yards, 30 ft.@100 yards

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